100 Years of Design


AIGA advances design as a professional craft, a strategic advantage and a vital cultural force, and it is turning 100 years old this year!  To celebrate, AIGA is launching a fun project called “100 Years of Design” where interviews, artworks and and historical markers are woven into narratives to represent how design informs, connects, delights, influences and assists us.  If you, too, are a designer, you can contribute examples to the project directly. Just go to this URL and post your own work based on one of the five themes above!

Happy Independence Day!


The other day a friend mentioned that she was “not very patriotic.”  That’s fine!  But the Fourth of July celebrations do remind me that I just happen to be very lucky to be born an American because there are many things for which I am extremely grateful.  Traveling to other countries has shown me how to appreciate: clean water, being able to go on a trip whenever I please, speaking my mind openly in public, eating and drinking whatever I want, free restrooms, lots of wide open spaces and the ability to drive while female!